Look Book

Design Look-book Spring 2018

There are many trends in  motion for 2018, many of them focus on general consumer trends like the “organic” movement or target the “Millennials”.  Our inspiration comes from the drive to innovate by seeking inspiration in the world flower market. At Bloomstar, creativites cross-over and trends merge to adapt them to our clients’ needs, and by adding our own flavor, the result is a unique product.

Many design trends are also making a comeback and taking the market by storm.  Gypsophilia is one of the greatest protagonists that is pushing its way to the forefront of many design trends.  Used alone to create elegant bouquets, or for collaring; it has become an integral part of any look.

Look Book

The “raison d’etre” of this look-book: to keep you, our customer, informed of these trends, and to present you with ideas that allow us to create the items that are right for you.

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